High quality floating knife


  • Highest grade Nordic steel - keeps the edge longer
  • Titanium coating against corrosion
  • Wrench 8 mm
  • Serrated edge to cutt ropes
  • Blunt tip prevents injury
  • Tip with wrench 7 mm and screw driver
  • Tip can be used as key for light cabinet


  • Excellent fit and finger protection
  • Rubber surface for better, warmer grip
  • Extremely strong material
  • Lock to secure knife in sheath

Item no 115


A reusable sheath (see below) is sold separately to save costs and the environment

The serrated edge can be sharpened with Accusharp (see below)

What our customers say

Magne Wistnes - Nova Sea

Good floating knife with a functional tip!

Nice knife for opening a light cabinet and they float well! Lost a knife during night cleaning, which was found floating after 3 weeks, with some rust, but still works fine.

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